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Rely on us for all your commercial, industrial or specialty needs.

Our Core Values

Expertise and experience bring you value, but nothing matters more to us than personal and professional values. At our core, Hilscher-Clarke lives to do “FIRST THINGS FIRST”:

Historical ROOT, Current FOUNDATION, Future COMPASS.
Doing the right thing.
Humble consideration.
Eliminating self preservation.
Sharing strengths to achieve common goals.

Whatever your project and however we work together, you will experience core values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves — today and every day.

We embrace the challenges
most others cannot.

The big jobs, the highly complex tasks, the most advanced technologies. Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company takes them on. With gusto.

What’s your challenge?

We get electricity, data, oil and gas to flow; build systems and install equipment; conduct testing and commissioning, modeling and analysis; all the way from design and implementation through maintenance and repair.

Pure Power,

no matter the market and whatever the service needed.

You have a big job. We’re on it. You have a tough challenge. We say bring it on. We serve 17 core markets in 3 main business categories, and scores of core services across all of those markets and each of those categories. Hilscher-Clarke is ready for you — with more electrical contractor capabilities, more resources, more operational excellence and more juice to get the job done.

Core Business Markets

Data Centers
Fire/Storm Restoration
Fire/Storm Restoration
Data Centers
Fire/Storm Restoration
Backup power system installation
Power Restoration
Emergency Disaster Restoration
Substation Services

Core Services

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A Century of Leadership.

Since 1916, Hilscher-Clarke has set the standard. We’re one of the rare electrical contractors that perform a range of services from testing and data to design and engineering, functions typically handled by subcontractors.

Over the last few years, our projects have spanned many markets, and reached milestones such as a $200 million budget … a 1 million square foot space … and 185,000 manhours.

Hilscher-Clarke can take on all areas of responsibility in design/build projects, while also partnering with top general electrical contractors in each of our locations. Over the years and the decades, we have been fortunate to build lasting relationships with many top companies and organizations (only a few are shown below). But first things first. Let’s get you a quote and let’s build something special!

Electrical Contractor History Black and White

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