The most industrious approach

to Industrial Projects.

And enough juice in reserve to drive success.

Our team is your team. 

Think of us as part of your engineering staff.

Bring on the big ones, the complex ones, the ones in the toughest environments. Hilscher-Clarke industrial electrical contractors welcome large-scale electrical engineering projects that test our mettle.

Our industrial electrical contractors have been tested and they've passed, over and over again, with results that are on time, at budget and up to code. Proven performance comes from experience, combined with the kind of integrity that makes our team of industrial electrical contractors a trusted extension of your engineering team.

We’re with you from start to finish, employing a team approach to project management that smoothly and deftly defies complications — no matter whether it’s handling many vendors, many more electricians and all the moving parts at the most complex and expansive job sites.

Meet your Hilscher Team
Industrial Electrical Contractors Project


HC brings the hp — and with handling to spare.

Hilscher-Clarke industrial electrical contractors serve you best by delivering the perfect balance. Plenty of horsepower plus an abundance of responsiveness. You get strength and experience tempered with safety and integrity.

We have a history of proven performance in all categories of industrial projects:

  • Food Processing Facilities 
  • Industrial Chemical Facilities 
  • Industrial Manufacturers 
  • Oil And Gas Midstream
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Steelmaking Facilities 
  • Titanium Facilities
  • More

Hilscher-Clarke capabilities include specialized- and medium-voltage testing, so you can be confident that the power you’re getting is delivered both safely and efficiently.

Here’s the list of our other comprehensive industrial services:

  • Bus duct installation
  • DC installation
  • Dense phase conveying (sand and graphite black)
  • Dilute phase conveying (PVC pellets, gelatin, sugar and flour)
  • Fire alarm systems (design and installation)
  • Generators (design and installation)
  • Hazardous classified location electrical systems (class 1 and class 2)
  • Heat trace (design and installation)
  • High voltage - design, installation and maintenance up to 138KV
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Intrinsically safe wiring systems
  • Lighting control and power wiring
  • Machine relocation and installation
  • Material handling conveyors (roller, belt and drag chain)
  • Motor controls and installation
  • Overhead pole line construction and service
  • Parking lot lighting - design and installation
  • Plant lighting upgrades
  • Pole base installation
  • Trenching and underground electrical installations
  • More
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Expertise and experience bring you value, but nothing matters more to us than personal and professional values. At our core, Hilscher-Clarke lives to do “FIRST THINGS FIRST”:

Historical ROOT, Current FOUNDATION, Future COMPASS.
Doing the right thing.
Humble consideration.
Eliminating self preservation.
Sharing strengths to achieve common goals.

Whatever your project and however we work together, you will experience core values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves — today and every day.

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