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Maintenance/Repair/24-Hour Service

Expert service for any job, available 24/7

What’s harder than finding a dependable electrical contractor? Finding professional, versatile electrical maintenance and repair services when you need it most.

At Hilscher-Clarke, we understand how critical a disruption to electrical service can be for your business. That’s why our experienced team of electricians is always on call to serve you.

We service everything from power outlets, lighting systems and ballasts to circuit breakers, transformers and beyond. It doesn’t matter who did the work originally. We’re ready to help, day or night, seven days a week.

We’ve been repairing electrical systems for more than 100 years. In that time, our electricians have seen – and serviced – virtually every electrical problem there is. So when you need maintenance or repair service, we’ll quickly dispatch an expert who can get the job done.

Ensure the steady, uninterrupted flow of electricity to buildings and equipment by keeping your wiring and systems well maintained and in good working order. Trust the experts at Hilscher-Clarke.

View a full list of our maintenance and repair services.

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