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Our History

Hilscher-Clarke Electric (HCE) is a 100-year-old company made up of nearly 400 employees. With headquarters in Canton, Ohio, and facilities in Akron and Coshocton, Hilscher-Clarke serves mainly industrial, commercial and health care customers, and specializes in 24-hour maintenance/repair, oil and gas, automation, advanced testing and data, voice and video work. Find a comprehensive list of services at

Our Leadership

Ensuring its legacy as a respected industry leader, Hilscher-Clarke Electrical Contractors and Engineers is energized and embracing new change in its leadership team.

Company veterans Scott Goodspeed and John Fether take the helm as Hilscher-Clarke continues its strategic growth.

Goodspeed, a 17-year veteran of the company, has been president of Hilscher-Clarke since 2007. As president, with the new structure, he shares top executive roles with Fether, recently named vice president of operations. Their leadership, along with that of Chuck Dulcie, Akron branch manager, has been instrumental in establishing the company’s new Akron office.

A Timeline of Our History

Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company is the outgrowth of two companies, Wilson Electric and Keuhn Electric, both of which started in 1901. Here is a timeline of our history:

1912: Wilson Electric and Kuehn Electric merge to become Kuehn Wilson Electric.

1915: Keuhn Wilson Electric changes its name to State Electric.

1916: The company becomes a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

1926: Walt Hilscher and Roy Clarke buy State Electric and change the name of the company to Hilscher-Clarke Electric.

1945: Hilscher-Clarke Electric Company (HCE) was incorporated under the laws of the State of Ohio. Walt Hilscher and Roy Clarke transferred the assets of their partnership to the capital of the new company, and the new corporation began its existence with $75,000 in capital.

1959: Roy Clarke becomes the president of the company after Walt Hilscher passes away.

1965: William Clarke assumes the presidency when Roy Clarke retires.

1985: Donald Colaner is named President to succeed William Clarke, who was named Chairman of the Board.

1994: Mr. Clarke and Mr. Colaner retire, but continue to serve on the company’s Board of Directors as Chairman and Vice-Chairman respectively. Upon Mr. Colaner’s retirement, William B. Henne was named President.

1999: HCE has its first corporate acquisition, Borden Kircher Electric, located in Coshocton, Ohio. This company became the South office of the current HCE.

2002: State Electrical Engineering Company, LLC was formed as the first additional operating company of HCE. It offers full design and engineering services to clients.

2005: HCE reaches a milestone in corporate history, with the majority of the ownership of the company now held by the current management team. A new slate of Board of Directors is elected: Jim Bower, Charles Tyburski, Scott Whetstone, Bill Henne, Ron Becker and Scott Goodspeed.

2007: William Henne retires and Ron Becker, Professional Engineer and employee of HCE since 1985, becomes CEO, while Scott Goodspeed becomes President and Chief Operating Officer. Barbara Zwick is appointed to Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer of the Board. HCE begins a new wholly owned operating company called Advanced Electrical Testing and Preventative Maintenance, LLC (A.E.T.) This operating division expandes the services of HCE, offering Infrared Thermography and other preventative maintenance programs, making it the second operating company of HCE.

2009: The company makes its second corporate acquisition – ET Electric Company, LLC, from Toledo, Ohio. This becomes the third wholly owned operating company. This addition expands the company’s regional presence by introducing and expanding upon the services offered, such as traffic signalization and Line/Hi-way work. HCE also began its fourth wholly operating company – CTC Technologies, LLC. This division continues to expand the services of HCE into the healthcare and construction markets through offering Nurse Call and other low-voltage technologies.

2014: After more than ten years of significant growth, the company updates succession planning milestones, along with the introduction of two vice presidents (Steven Chumney, vice president of Commercial Operations and John Fether, vice president of Industrial Operations). Secondly, to strategically position the HCE brand with the current operating conditions, as well as to begin the next platform for managing our continued growth, a few department groups were realigned. The AET and Industrial Specialties divisions combined and became the Advanced Testing Division of HCE. Our CTC and TeleData divisions combined and became the Data Voice Video (DVV) division. The wholly owned subsidiary, ET Electric Company LLC, was divested to better align our resources within our targeted markets.

2017: In May, Mr. Becker began his move toward retirement by stepping down from his position as CEO and becomes senior electrical engineer & construction services manager. Scott Goodspeed becomes president of the company and John Fether is promoted to vice president - chief operating officer. That same month, Hilscher-Clarke opens its Akron Branch office in Tallmadge, OH, in order to more effectively expand business in the Akron area. Chuck Dulcie is appointed branch manager of the new office.

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